Wanted: Poster design

You´re still looking for covid-safe activism? You want to support queer-feminist struggles and fight for reproductive rights? You have some graphic design skills and, most importantly, a creative mind? And some time to spare?

In this case, we got something for you! “What the Fuck?!“ alliance is looking for cool design ideas for our annual protest against the so-called “March for Life” on September 18th. Ideally coming withb a logo and a timeless and catchy style we can use for the next couple of years.

EDIT: We received valuable feedback concerning our call. Due to this, a small addition: we know that even a draft for a poster design means a loooot of work. It´s totally fine if you send us some impressions of your previous designs/portfolio/other pieces or something similar. If you don´t have this kind of body of work yet – no worries! A first scribble or a first idea of how it could look is totally sufficient. Based on the stuff we receive, we´ll decide which draft captures our ideas of protest best. Please not that it would be important to have some free time (between end of May and mid-June) for some editing and finalising the poster in a collaborative process.

Special challenge – pandemic style: we don´t know yet, what this year´s protest will look like!

To give you a first impression what might be a fit, a little more about us and our politics.
„What the Fuck?!“ is an alliance formed by antifascist and queer-feminist groups and individuals. Together, we fight for secure access to abortions, better healthcare for everyone and for sexual and reproductive self-determination. In all this, it´s important to us to remember that reproduction takes places within complex power relations and that the legalisation of abortion can´t be the one and only or final goal of our struggles. We do research on „pro lifers“, their right-wing networks and Christian fundamentalism. We critically discuss topics like pre-natal diagnostics and also organize panels and other public events from time to time.

Every September we rally for massive protests against the „March for Life“, a big event fort he „pro-life“ scene. Offering different formst o take part in the protests is very important to us and part of our politics – from sit-ins to choir, from throwing confetti to flooding twitter, from whistles to stealing their crosses.

If you want to learn more about us, you can check our blog (mostly in German but there´s English translations of our calls for action from previous years). Find us on twitter and instagram: @nofundis

Finally – some hard facts:

The format will most likely be DinA1. And: the entire city will be plastered with this poster and it will appear on social media.
It definitely needs: Space for slogan, blog, twitter, inasta, hashtags fort he protest (#nofundis #b1809) and space for time, place and name and address of the person legally responsible.

What else is important?

  • The contrast should enhance reading – also for people whose eyes aren´t working so well! Same goes for font: no flourishes, not too small, not too chaotic.
  • We´re a queer-feminist alliance. Vulvas as a presumed symbol of womenhood, pussy hats aand the likes can´t be part of our posters. Same goes for anti-semitic and racist symbols.
  • We´re happy to receive drafts from women, lesbians, inter, trans and agender people. Cis-men can support us in other ways (putting up posters, supporting the demo and many more).

Send us your draft (we will probably have some editing ideas and wishes, so don´t be too much of a perfectionsit in this, not every item has to be places perfectly yet) in an editable format until the end of May: .

We would also be happy if you let us know if you have some time for editing, if you would be fine with us doing some editing or anything in between.

Plus: we don´t like competitions either, but we still can´t realise every draft we receive. We hope to find other ways of appreciation for those who don´t make it in the end.
Last but not least: money. This is a call to support us and our work with your skills in solidarity. Unfortunately we can´t offer any financial compensation. We also do a lot of unpaid activist work and at the same time, we know not everyone has time and energy left to work for free. Capitalism sucks!