„March for Life“? – What the fuck?!

„March for Life“? – What the fuck?!

On September 18, 2021, the so-called „March for Life“ (MfdL) will take place in Berlin. Although abortions are still punishable in Germany and the abortion access has been getting worse for years, Christian fundamentalists (also called „Fundis“) want to make abortions unvailiable. Under the guise of „protecting life,“ the „March for Life“ propagates a conservative and sexist worldview.

For the Fundis, however, not every life is equally worthy of protection: The Fundis are only interested in the life of the fetus. They do not care about endangering the lives of people with unwanted pregnancies through illegal and unsafe abortions – just as they do not care about the bodily autonomy of those affected. In addition, they represent conservative gender roles, a rigid sexual morality, are homophobic and transphobic, and base all this on literal interpretations of the Bible.

Sadly, they are not alone with that kind of worldview, society in general is seeing a rise of nationalist, conservative and anti-feminist positions. Anti-feminism unites reactionary currents, from the FDP and CDU/CSU to the AfD and other extreme right-wing parties and organizations. There is increased agitation against women, queer people/LGBTIQ*, racism and anti-Semitism are expressed more and more blatantly.

We oppose these inhumane positions and demand reproductive rights for all!

We are the perverts, we are on your heels
The fight for the right to bodily self-determination is not without consequences. More than 100 activists have been charged for participating in a sit-in against the MfdL in 2019. Most of them are accused of „coercion“. Since November 2020 the proceedings are going on in the district court of Tiergarten. Repression is supposed to intimidate and make us feel small – but our solidarity is stronger! As „What the fuck?!“-alliance we support the accused comrades at their trials, there were rallies and a signature campaign. And thanks to a lot of support, a successful crowdfunding campaign and the support of Rote Hilfe, the costs incurred can be covered. Activists and we as an alliance have grown together, our network is growing and we as community have become more connected and gained strength through the trials. The trials are a farce, almost all cases were dropped due to insignificance. But the public prosecutor’s office insists on the proceedings, aiming to further criminalize sit-in blockades and to prevent activists from protesting. During the trials, the cops always get a stage to drag our protests and leftist, queer-feminist activism in general into the mud.
Blood, faeces and glitter against the patriarchy!

While the fundamentalists were portrayed as old, frail victims, the feminists were framed as violent terrorists. The defamation of queer and feminist people and their struggles as disgusting and perverted has a long tradition that continues. This has also recently shown in the media campaign after the eviction of Liebig34 in October 2020, when the media tried to stage the living space of our comrades as a „disgusting place“.

„We’re here, we’re queer, we’re fabulous – don’t mess with us!“
We stand in solidarity with all those who share the experience that people devalue them because they live their sexual orientation openly. With those whose life choices are attacked by right-wing conservative ideologies. We stand in solidarity with all those who experience repression because they fight for an emancipatory society.

BLUT – KOT – GLITZER // Queer-feminist demonstration
September 17th // 6pm // @ Adenauerplatz

Attack Christian fundamentalism – get active, be loud, disturb, turn the “March for life” into disaster!
September 18th // from 12pm // @ different locations in Berlin-Mitte

We fight:
– for sexual and gender self-determination.
– for the abolition of §218 and §219 StGB, to finally get a right to abortion and an easier access to information about it.
– for abortions to be paid for and accepted by health insurances as a medical treatment so that pregnant people do not have pay for the costs – including people without health insurance and/or papers.
– for hospitals to execute and offer abortions and that the procedure is part of medical training.
– for people to decide for themselves if they want to have (more) children or not. This includes contraceptives free of charge.
– for it not to matter if a child is born with a disability or not. Therefore we are against selection by prenatal diagnostics.
– for a society in which all sexual ways of life are equally accepted. Because we love whom and however we want to.

If you agree with these demands, join us in the streets to stand up for an emancipatory society in solidarity and against the „March for Life“ and fight for reproductive rights for all!

„Let ́s be careful with each other, so we can be dangerous together!“
That also means: wear mouth-nose protection (if you can), keep your distance and be considerate. Let’s show everyone that feminism saves lives!