Aufruf 2022 English

„March for Life“ – WHAT THE FUCK?!

On September 17th, christian fundamentalists and other reactionary actors will pay a visit to Berlin Mitte. Every year, they organize the so-called ‚March for Life‘, demanding the total prohibition of abortions. Under the ironic disguise of ’saving lives‘ they are holding a worldview in which not every life is equally worthy of protection. They are homo- and trans antagonistic, have a very limited idea of gender roles and sexuality – and try to claim this absurd reduction as normality.

Burn the patriarchy

Sadly, these ideas are shared by others – nationalist, conservative and anti-feminist positions are popping up everywhere. They dominate the political debate and influence decisions. Anti-feminism connects reactionary forces – from FDP and CDU/CSU to AFD and other actors from the extreme right. There’s daily attacks on women and queer people/LGBTIQ*. Racism and antisemitism are shown blatantly. The agitation against queers is joined by ‚women’s rights activists‘, so-called TERFs (trans exclusive radical feminists = ‚feminists fighting exclusively for the rights of cis women, excluding trans people). This hatred is the glue between antifeminists and ‚women’s rights activists‘.

For bodily autonomy!

The current government wants to introduce a ’self-determination law‘, strengthening the rights of trans, inter and non-binary people. Finally a spark of hope! Seen as a threat by TERFs and anti-feminists, it is fueling their violent fantasies. In line with that, in the evening after the march, the ‚Family Forum‘ is taking place – an entire event dedicated to the topic of ‚destroyers of the family‘. We are looking at the flood of fake news and hatred they are spreading, with anger and worry. Protecting and accepting all gender identities and sexual desires should be self-evident. But those achievements are the result of brave queer struggles – and they are not safe forever. This year, SCOTUS abolished the right to abortion. Poland futher criminalized abortion, acticis Justyna Wydrzyńska is looking at three years in jail, for allegedly handing out abortion pills. In Germany, doctors can now inform about abprtion publicly, but abortion otself remains illegal. 100 activists from ‚What the fuck?!‘-alliance are being brought to court for a sit-in and tried for coercion and sometimes even battery.

We’re here, we’re queer, we’re fabulous – don’t mess with us!“

Join our demo and the protests afterwards! We will claim space and fight for an emancipatory society. We stand in solidarity with all those who share the experience that people devalue them because they live their sexual orientation openly. With those whose life choices are attacked by right-wing conservative ideologies. We stand in solidarity with all those who experience repression because they fight for an emancipatory society.

Burn the patriarchy
Queer-feminist Demonstration September 17th 2022 | 10:30 a.m. | Leipziger Platz, Berlin
And from 12 midday | different places in Berlin-Mitte

We fight:

– for the right to abortion and easy access to imformation, judicially speaking the eradication of §218
– for abortions to be paid for and accepted by health insurances as a medical treatment so that pregnant people do not have pay for the costs, including people without health insurance and/or papers.
– for hospitals to execute and offer abortions and that the procedure is part of medical training.
– for people to decide for themselves if they want to have (more) children or not. This includes contraceptives free of charge.
– for it not to matter if a child is born with a disability or not. Therefore we are against selection by prenatal diagnostics.
– for a society in which all sexual desires are equally accepted. Because we love whom and however we want to.

If you agree with these demands, join us in the streets to stand up for an emancipatory society in solidarity and against the „March for Life“ and fight for reproductive rights for all!