At our demonstration

Let´s be careful with each other – so we can be dangerous together!

Of course there´s an organizing group behind all this – but it´s a collective effort to make this demonstration a place where everyone feels welcome. This is not a space for discriminatory and insulting behaviour. If you notice someone in need of support, ask how you can help. Look out for each other, be considerate and act in solidarity! Here are a few things that are important to us at What the Fuck alliance:

FLTI Block/Women, Lesbian, Trans, Inter Block

The front oft he demo will be exclusively FLTI. Meaning: everyone is welcome to join except cis-men. We consider everyone who identifies with the male gender assigend to them at birth and who is neither trans nor inter as cis-male. Gender identities are nothing we can determine by looking at people – please refrain from sending people away whom you perceive as cis-men. If someone displays shitty behaviour, they´re kicked out – no matter their gender.

Banners and signs

We´re not just here to fight the fundamentalists but also to voice our own demands and positions. There are no limits for your creativity – but please remain respectful and don´t reproduce exclusionary tropes. Meaning: Remember not only women get pregnant and a uterus doesn´t equate womanhood when drawing your banners. There´s no space for trans*antagonism at our demonstration.
By the way: signs of political parties and affiliated groups are not welcome either!

Solidarity with sex workers

What the Fuck stands in solidarity with the struggles of sexworkers (for labour rights). A block of sex workers and friends will be part of our demonstration. Stickers, slogans or signs patronizing sex workers or demonizing sex work will not be tolerated.

Rest bus

If the route is too long and you can´t make it or you just need a break from the crowd, there is a van at the back oft he demo. It´s also wheelchair accessible.

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